Sirian downloads on the 8.8.18 lions gate

The first spread is called the Legacy Spread:

  1. What legacy have I inherited? Queen of Cups.
  2. What is my legacy? King of Coins
  3. What do I need to work on right now? 7 of Coins


The second spread is The Pages (for what is needed) Spread

  1. The situation – 3 of Coins
  2. More of this is needed – Death
  3. I have the right amount of this – The Star
  4. The situation needs less of this – The Moon
  5. What I can change – The Emperor
  6. What I need to accept – The Lovers
  7. Where things are heading – King of Coins


The third spread is the Knights Spread.

1 to 3 : What is my higher purpose? Knight of Cups (Mastery of emotions), Justice (Integrity and doing the right thing), 6 of Swords (Sense of purpose + direction)

4 to 6 : What do I need to learn? The Sun (radiate positive energy), King of Swords (the power of intellect), King of Coins (money management)

7 to 9 : What do I need to do? 3 of Cups (emotional harmony), 6 of Coins (giving and receiving), 8 of Swords (quit self blame)


The fourth spread is The Queens Spread, overseen by the Queen of Cups.

  1. The root of the problem or situation: King of Swords
  2. The situation : 3 of Cups
  3. The past : 6 of Coins
  4. The future : King of Coins
  5. Advice : 8 of Swords


The fifth spread is the King’s Spread.

  1. Is this a good idea? Page of Cups
  2. Will it happen on its own without assistance? 4 of Cups
  3. Obstacles : 3 of Swords
  4. Help (I can turn to) : 6 of Wands
  5. What can be done (first thing)? 2 of Cups
  6. What can be done (second thing)? Page of Wands
  7. What can be done (third thing)? 3 of Coins
  8. Outcome : 7 of Coins

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