A meditation on the lesson of the Bus Principle

When you have people who are not in the right seats on the bus, they will always be attempting to get to their desired seats – as a result, there will be chaos, because :
1. They won’t be complacent in sitting in their own seats.
2. They will be harrassing the people in the seats that they want to get into.
3. As a result, not much gets done.
When you have people who are not going in the same direction as you,
you will also be in trouble.  They will be harrassing the driver – trying to take over the driver’s place so they can change course. Worst if they are someone who is not competent at driving, it will be a disaster. Not only we will veer off course, we might end up in a ditch!
Maybe the easier way is :
No no need to ask, just figure it out.
Claim ownership of the bus (whatever that is for you).
There are many buses. However, those with scarcity mindset do not believe it is so, and they will be fighting to get onto ANY bus that will take them, and after that plot mutiny. You really don’t want these to be on your bus.
You are the driver. They only stay on the bus if you let them.
No more second guessing.
What about the cemented relationships, you say? It’s fine. You can still keep these relationships OUTSIDE of the company.
Life goes on. You really do not need to mix personal and business lives together all the time.
We don’t lose real friends even if we leave a company. We can lose them also whether or not in the same company.

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