Guidelines for your company

The purpose of a company – it has a purpose and houses everything that rightfully belongs inside of it. So that you can properly measure its performance. Therefore, it is good practice to conscientiously do the following:

  1. Closely track all transactions, make sure boundaries are observed (don’t mix personal costs unless it is expressly known/ declared/ recognised as a company policy as benefits for employees of a certain category).
  2. Regularly review performance against budget (have one) and plans.
  3. Make decisions on continuing or shut down regularly –> this will align activities with objectives and help them (the management) stay the course, also keep them on their toes.
  4. Strive to live beneath your earnings.
  5. Training –> success happens when preparation meets opportunity. What shall we train and prepare for? The LP in 2 years. The annual pillar is our current curriculum. Look at the linkage between these two, it puts things in perspective.


“You are a family counsellor, and a young girl in love. And we are at war here. Do not stand in the way on our battlefield!” ~ Your House Helper, Aug 2018

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