Notice period

This one does during the notice period, this twilight zone after you’ve taken the plunge but still not quite out of the woods yet.

Random scribbles:

  • The determination of payroll amounts is too fraught with emotions relating to the clan.
  • Look at the hardship people have out out to ‘cope’
  • It is a system that encourages displays of hardship. You can say it helps people be vulnerable – but it also develops such habits to continue – even if, when you find your mojo about how to surf it, you shouldn’t gloat about it but be grateful.
  • It’s not keep quiet & suffer, it is suffer loudly, show everyone your pain – but move on after that. Clear a path for those who may come after you.
  • Mind fog. Wanders – to go inside.
  • We are entitled to our perspectives. Who is to judge whether it is wrong or right?
  • All decisions.
  • When we realise that we are sent challenges because they help us to grow, we alter our attitude to them.
  • Every day write down a few things you are grateful for.
  • Before you go to bed, rake through the cinders of the day and find the golden nuggets. Be grateful for them.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to practice persuasive lines of argument.
  • Grateful for opportunities to speak my truth and be accepted.
  • 1158 = 15 = 6
  • People are paid in kind. They give you a sense of satisfaction for getting your voice heard. That is so needed in this time and age?
  • Family Mart and its variety of junk food.

NB: the image of this etheral Eye of Horus was sourced through google. Credits to the unknown creator of it.

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