2012 Retreat To The Mountains – Healing and Manifesting Your Divine Soul Plan

Organised by the House of Kite, at the Borneo Highlands Resort, Kuching, Sarawak from 6th – 10th March, 2012


Day 1

  • Arrival and Evening meditation 

Day 2

  • Introduction to Energy and Chakras, meditation to clear chakras
  • Meditation exercises : Third eye activation and Tuning in to your body
  • Getting to know the Oracle deck
  • Celtic Cross Spread
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Burning of Expectations

Day 3

  • Soul Plan Spread
  • Meditation
  • Discussions and sharing

Day 4

  • Sunrise Meditation
  • Self-healing Procedures
  • Retrieving Your Inner Child
  • Manifestation of Your Goals – 3 months/ 6 months/ 9 months
  • Highlands Tour
  • Forgiveness Meditation

Day 5

  • Gratitude Meditation


An Introduction to Abundance Energy

Constipation, lower backaches, knee problems – these are all symptoms of blocked abundance and flow of wealth. If you look at the energetic anatomy of a human – the 7 Chakra system – these are all areas governed by the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra.

Chakras are gateways or centres where energy within and around our body converges. The Chakras govern various aspects of our bodily functions, hormonal glands, emotionality, and energy levels. Each of the seven individual Chakras, of course, has a different function and governs different aspects of our wellbeing and reality. In particular, the Root and Sacral Chakras directly affect our flow of abundance and powers of manifestation.

The Root Chakra (red colour), located at the base of the spine ending at the perineum (the bone between the vagina and the anus), governs our connection  to the physical world and the Earth. It is our anchor to reality. It relates to the emotions of fear and security. Constipation is a symptom of a weak or blocked Root energy centre – difficulty letting go, lacking a feeling of security, and feeling disconnected from reality. Problems with the knees or feet also indicate a weak Root Chakra.

Connecting our bare feet to the earth and grass help build-up the energy in the Root, as well as help GROUND any toxic energy within our system. Being around trees and nature and forests also helps this process.

The Sacral Chakra (orange colour) governs our feelings, emotions, ability to create, and procreate (sexuality). It is the only chakra where energy can be created. The force of Life, the Shakti, is stored here in this Chakra, located two inches below the naval. Chinese Taoist Sages consider this centre the most crucial energy point in the entire human body. Blockages in this Chakra are indicated by uncontrollable sexual desires – or the polar opposite, an aversion to love-making or other sexual-related discomforts.

Sometimes, genetic patterns or karmic imprints are also stored in the Chakras that obstruct their optimal function. These can be dissolved in a Karmic Release healing session, before further energising is done.

[ Dissolve cords with difficult work relationships here. Putting dark crystals at the Solar Plexus can help to melt it. To dissolve cords : use the Violet Flame, Black Tourmaline. Never cut them. ]

The third Chakra is the Solar Plexus (gold/ yellow colour), the seat of our ego, power, and sense of self. When one has no sense of self, this chakra is damaged or weak. When one is too self-centred this chakra is in hyper mode. Many people today manifest (make happen through the force of will) through the Solar Plexus – this means ‘forcing’ something to happen merely for the sake of self-preservation, egoistic fulfilment, or imposing one’s will unto the other. For example, in an abusive relationship, the abuser would have an overly large Solar Plexus chakra, while the abused party will have a weak, maybe nonexistent, Solar Plexus Chakra. Manifesting through this Chakra often lead to gastric, liver, and pancreatic damage over time.

The best and safest way to manifest is by incorporating compassion and wisdom. These are respectively governed by the Heart Chakra (green and pink, like a watermelon) and Brow Chakra (3rd Eye). Simple meditation exercises can be done daily to keep the energies flowing in these centres. For example, breathing and stretching the chest cavity helps to keep the Heart Chakra expanded and not closed. Meditating with the sound-chant of Aum brings energy to the 3rd Eye. When one is in-touch with their hearts and wisdom, manifestation will be retribution-free (meaning, no karmic infringements on self or others) and also bring joy and abundance to everyone and everything around you – almost instantly!

Notes on the other Chakras:

Throat Chakra – governs communication. Speaking the truth (it is from the heart). Also governs the ears. Hearing voices from angels. If it is the ego speaking, it is usually with conditions.

3rd Eye Chakra – also known as the Life Palace (明堂) in chinese face reading. Related to the hypothalamus gland, which controls temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar levels of the body. The 3rd eye can be ‘tuned’. Meditate and tell it that you want to “see” higher beings. Migraines are related to this Chakra. The Pineal gland connects the 3rd eye and the crown chakras. “It feeds on sunlight.”

Sunlight –> 3rd Eye –> Pineal –> Convert into energy and sustenance for the body.

There is a sweet taste at the back of your tongue…

Crown Chakra – our connection to the Universe. Usually e.g. paralysis. The soul leaves the body through the crown chakra. If it leaves through the solar plexus, it becomes earth bound –> constantly in a mode of fear. So, you can send energy from the heart chakra to them (to help calm them down/ soothe them). 

Earth Star Chakra (brown and gold) – 12 cm into the ground. Facilitates communicating with your ancestors. Used by the bomohs to communicate with the earth bound. If used correctly, this is about connecting with Mother Earth and Abundance.

Soul Star Chakra (bright white) – Its shape is like the Star of David (in 3D) – the merkaba. Facilitates connection to all parallel lives (future / past lives). Access soul contracts through it.

Minor Chakras : Hand Chakras – they are connected to the heart. Ie sends energy out from the heart through the hands (e.g. like those of a Healer). Shoulder Chakras – they have energy lines connected to Source. From the Heart Chakra, it goes outwards and upwards – it is like one has Wings! Feet Chakras, also governed by the Root Chakra, are like our assholes – i.e. they are the pathways to clear out all toxic energy from the system. Always keep the feet chakras open and clear. Knee Chakras – they are part of the support system connected to the Root chakra.


“Tune your cycle to the Moon, and all chakras will be aligned.” 

[ ovulate during the full moon ]



Best practised daily

  • Sit comfortably on a chair – spine straight, feet on ground, shoulders relaxed
  • Close your eyes, relax breathing
  • Bring your awareness to the soles of your feet
  • Visualise / see / IMAGINE two lotus flowers opening facing down into earth
  • Breathe slowly inhale to 7 counts, exhale 7 counts – repeat 3 times (to bring you into the right brain wave)
  • Bring your awareness to the Crown of your head
  • Feel your Crown opening like a big lotus flower, or a tree growing upwards, up through the atmosphere and into the galaxy
  • Breathe slowly inhale to 7 counts, exhale 7 counts – repeat 3 times
  • Be aware of your spine, relax, feel energy moving up and down your central column (spine)
  • Back to the soles of feet – visualise roots of a tree growing into the ground. Into the earth until you touch the central core of the earth.



“Energy Healers are people who have found a way to perceive (not necessarily see) the condition of the human aura, diagnose the condition of the Chakras, identify the cause and remedy based entirely of this energetic system.”



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