The 4 Elements


  • cleanses and transforms
  • “to want” – it is about setting an intention. – activate the creation.
  • exchange with the earth
    • it is most receptive and forgiving as it is most dense
    • offers new life and growth
  • Andean tradition : you give thanks before receiving
  • Winter solstice – celebrated on the day the Sun begins to come back.
  • There is a difference between washing (water element) and cleansing (earth)

Exercise: Cleaning out the closet.

  • tell it to Mother Earth
  • lie on belly and tell through the mouth

Earth Elementals

  • fairies and gnomes


  • Washes
  • Adapting

Exercise: Connect with the water elementals at bodies of water

  • releasing, balancing and flowing

Water Elementals

  • sirens, ondines (foam of sea waves / moving water)


  • Communication and connection
  • purifies and enlightens – just breathe in and let them do their work

Air Elementals

  • the “silfs”
  • “wyra” – the spirit of the wind.


  • the most subtle and most powerful of all elements
  • crucial for survival
  • the line between fire that burns and the one that brings light
  • transmutes and sanctifies
  • love, passion and compassion vs anger, rage and destruction
  • changes coal to diamonds, metal to gold
  • change anger and rage to love and compassion


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