Identifying your Life Path Number & Essential Oils Remedies workshop in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia on 30 June 2018

Taught at the WaterforTrees Amcorp Shop, 30 June 2018 by Hong of Team Power Diamond.


Date of Birth : DD / MM / YYYY

D + D + M + M +Y + Y + Y +Y = N1N2

N1+N2 = Life Path (a single digit number 1 to 9)


Life Path 1 – key word: MANIFEST


Peppermint – Let’s Get Moving

Cypress – Go With The Flow

InTune the Focus Blend – One Thing At A Time

Life Path 2 – key word: LISTEN


Lavender Peace – Have Quiet Time

Clary Sage – See Clearly

Frankincense – Seek Universal Truths

Life Path 3 – key word: NURTURE


Motivate – Feeling Tired

Cheer – Cheer Up

Citrus Bliss – Setup Your Support Team

Life Path 4 – key word: LEAD


Forgive – Dealing with Authority

White Fir – Past Generation Issues

Arborvitae – Divine Grace

Life Path 5 – key word: TEACH


Sandalwood – Experience –> Knowledge –> Wisdom

Life Path 6 – key word: HARMONY


Balance – Be Grounded

Peace – Be At Peace

Ginger – Don’t Suppress Your Words

Life Path 7 – key word: INTEGRATE


Peppermint and Wild Orange – Physical Level Integration

Frankincense and Myrrh – Spiritual Level Integration

Life Path 8  – key word: GRACE


Geranium – Heart Broken?

Elevation – Let Joy Flow

Passion – Amplify

Life Path 9 – key word: HEAL THE WORLD


Hope – Darkest Before Daybreak

Immortelle – Spiritual Insight


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