Something more about Bazi readings

Tell them what is is about and how it helps people…

This is the information that people like to read, I was once told by a wise elder.

My own journey with Bazi started whilst I was still working in the corporate in Hong Kong. I mean, I was always interested in the horoscopes etc, always found them fascinating. But it was only then that I got the chance to study it in some systematic way.

There are quite many people I encounter who think that this is all about trying to predict the future etc etc and to be able to impress someone by telling them things about themselves without them surrendering the information upfront. However, after studying and analysing for the last 10 years, I find that the real value is in that this what I call a Journey has helped me understand myself so much more. You read your own chart and but you don’t really see quite clearly, but you obsess about it quite a lot. You commit it to memory. You attempt to use it to strategise and plan your decisions. And then you start reading other people’s charts, discuss it with them, and then you get insights which you eventually digest and turn into nuggets of wisdom. And then you go listen to others discuss other people’s charts, and also learn through osmosis from there. And then you go back to your own chart, and you start seeing new layers of information coming out of it, which you did not spot before. You realise that there are layers and perspectives that come through when the chart is cast, and different readers, based on their own life experiences, prejudices, and level of awareness, often come up with their own unique points of views on a chart.

The other day I was at a BodyTalk Access class and they were saying how it isn’t possible to prove effectiveness of the tapping technique because the conditions that allow for it to happen can never be repeated the same again even with the same people, at a different time. Somehow I believe that chart readings are like that as well. You see what you see in that one sitting of reading, and although yes you can write a report about it to help you recall what you saw before, so that when you trace it back you can. A different reading at a separate time, by another person, would most probably yield a different experience altogether. I suppose that is why some people like to go from reader to reader… although some do say that these people are just in denial of their issues and just want to find that One Reader who would tell them what they really want to hear…

And also, the soft skills and level of professionalism of the chart reader often determines the type of experience a customer will receive when receiving a reading. It is a vocation that, if persisted over time, facilitates a Reader to grow and mature as a human being themselves.

It Actually Started Much Earlier… 

I remember that back in Uni, one of our student entrepreneurship projects was to print and sell T-shirts according to people’s Chinese zodiac – which was represented by an animal. Each animal supposedly had its own special characteristics – the Horse was known as being Charismatic, Friendly, and blah blah blah. Of course, for the T shirts we’d pick the flattering words instead of those not so good ones – e.g. Lazy (aka prone to procrastination…).

Well. There’s almost always two sides to everything – it depends on the perspective which you choose to see things. One of my favourite responses to people saying Laziness is no good is that if someone is lazy, they’re usually the ones who will come up with a faster way to get the thing done.

Well, anyway. It was 1999, and we were a few International (Asian Chinese – being a “Malaysian” were not quite so famous then) students in a mostly guailou environment – in remote Adelaide and this chinese horoscope thing was not very well known at that time. Our project wasn’t very successful. With hindsight, I now see that we should have done more work with the market research and marketing. The seed of the idea had great potential but we were just trying to sell the shirts as they were – without any story, and we didn’t think from the customer’s point of view, what value it would bring them.

The fascinating part of it all was the idea that our Year of birth means something more than just a number. That COSMICALLY, the universe had encoded some information in there, which is uniquely just for us. And if it’s something from the Universe, it must be something important, right?


Grateful to the ones who have gone before

Fast forward 20 years (oh gosh) – and now this subject of Chinese Astrology has become so much more famous, much thanks to the tireless work of some industry leaders who have made such an impact that now almost everybody is talking about it… while the rest of us are happily surfing on the waves they’ve made.


The Blurb

I was asked by Ruby to give her some words about what my Bazi services would be about, to be included in the newsletter blast. It was really a struggle you know, coming up with “original words” – I knew it had to be from me – copying what the masters were saying would not work because it would be too “formal” and “official”. And so here it is:

Bazi (translated literally as Eight Characters in Chinese) denotes the date and time markers used by the ancient Chinese mystics to decode insightful patterns observed over long periods of time.  These patterns relate to topics important to existential wellness such as personal character traits, affairs of health, business, family, etc.

There is always something mystical about the information encoded inside our Date and Time of Birth, the exact moment we came into being in this world.  Not all will choose to tap into it but for those who do, the intention to know and the act of asking itself opens the Doorways to this mystery.

Through analysing the chart, one is able to observe inherent information in one’s Natal chart, as well as the flow of conditions that come and go in one’s life, whether it is by decade, annually, monthly, or even daily.  This is like charting a map. It is not to judge whether or not it is a good path or bad, but rather, to know the lay of the land more clearly – so that we can make conscious choices as we navigate our way along this journey called Life.

Sometimes the reading and analysis of the chart on the past can be useful in healing from past events that are still bothering the individual. Through analysis of the conditions that existed at that time, one gains insight about the true nature of what transpired.  It would make it easier to let go of what once was, and to see the lesson or gift that was bestowed upon us through that experience.

And so we charged HKD1,000 per 1 hour session for the service, and had one customer sign up for it. The centre who organised and promoted the thing kept HKD200 and I received HKD800.  Thank you Universe for the abundance. ❤

NB the featured image is from Nov 2012, at the Yong Zheng Temple in Beijing. A drizzling afternoon. The rain had stopped for just a while for me to take this shot.








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