Cheat Sheets – interpretations of the oracle card deck EARTH MAGIC



In Part 1 we go through the 10 cards relating to the force of Water.

Water signifies our emotions and feelings, our healing capacities, and what needs to be purified, as well as the means of doing this. They also represent our psychic abilities (whether stable or not stable). If you are asking about an issue, the solution may lie in balancing your emotions.




–       always means new beginnings, transitioning to a better thing.

–       Moving and changing

–       New ideas and new horizons

–       Positive move or change

–       Travel – good for travelling, i.e. you SHOULD GO

  • Not so good for relationships: the new one is better than the old one.



–       Your feelings are not clear or you are in denial, go meditate on your 3rdeye.

–       Uncertainty

–       Not seeing clearly ànot enough information to make a good decision yet.

–       Denial of feelings

–       Meditate for clarity  (meditate on your 3rdeye)

–       Seek answers internally

  • Relationships: reevaluate the situation (the old one may be better).



–       Hidden potential

–       By spending time alone you will prevail. Do not be distracted by other people’s opinions.

–       Recuperate

–       Isolation to heal

–       Subconscious issues

  • Quiet your mind, look inside and the answers will be there – the right ones.



–       Forcing you to confront things you are always trying to escape

–       Hidden emotions – your emotions are frozen and not acknowledged

–       Coldness and numbness

–       Denial

–       Stubborn

–       Resistant to healing

–       Could be childhood/ past issues

  • If you get this card after a healing, no healing occurred. Go back further to find the root of the problem.



–       A very positive card.

–       Leaving things behind. Things that you no longer need (no longer in the highest and best).

–       Positive healing journey, the healing is going smoothly

–       Balanced emotions

–       Good health

–       Sharing with others

–       Stillness of the water

  • The opposite of being like a “cloud” àmove slowly, be gentle.



–       Ebb and flow – relax and not try to force the situation to happen.

–       Divine timing

–       Go with the flow àor if you decide to do it, expect challenges

–       Allow change to occur naturally

–       Wisdom of experience

  • Delays; or speed up (tune in and see what feature in the card stands out to you)



–       Healing process is under way, occurring now.

–       Feeling of healing crisis before or after a healing session, undergoing clearing before a healing session.

–       You need healing now.

  • Take care of yourself.



–       A very positive card.

–       Positive progress – the direction is very clear and fixed

–       Trust your instincts

–       You are on the right path

–       All is well and protected

  • One last obstacle to go before you get what you want.



–       The most chaotic card

–       Sudden upheaval àbeing forced out of denial

–       Drastic changes

–       Breaking unhealthy patterns

–       Wake-up call to life

–       Wisdom of experience

–       Being forced out of denial àbecause you have suppressed your feelings too long.

–       Acknowledge your feelings NOW, you are lying to yourself

–       The situation around you might explode.

  • Relationships: Question your motivations, ask yourself if this is what you want.



–     A positive card.

–     Going with the flow, moving on (from abusive job, relationship) – those that no longer serve your highest and best purpose.

–     Finding new direction

–     Embrace your power, wisdom, beauty

  • Have Faith in the Universe




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