Put a white crystal in your heart

was the clarification you gave me.

Tis for shifting all that yucky feelings into gratitude, compassion and kindness.

You were trying to teach the technique and was rattling out a series of instructions – something white cable/ cord etc when one of the 3 business consultant ladies behind you interrupted to give you some tips – shhh don’t teach those who never paid your course fees! When you understood it I responded by saying – don’t worry, I didn’t understand what you were getting with anyways. And the immediate response was oh – “Put a white crystal in your heart. It’s the Thousand petaled lotus.” Once uttered the image appeared.

Not sure whether it was first or later now but I was surprised to find you with a mutilated face and body – twas from a motor accident during the trip, was the answer. Ad your assistant – he was moving around as normal but so short suddenly – when I finally realised both legs have been taken away. Of course.

So, 你不会在喜欢我了吧– you asked. I immediately responded 哦你这样了我肯定不会啦!

What a drastic turnaround of situation. There was a hug this time but it was filled with  compassion, goodwill and a great sense of gratitude. No desire no attachments…

And that’s all it took. The white crystal in the heart…

May you and all be well and happy. Travel safely wherever you are.




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