How to get what you want – according to the monk who wrote The Diamond Cutter during a herbalife motivational talk

Before I heard about the Diamond Cutter the book, I suddenly recall that I have had previous encounters with the Tibetan stream of Buddhism. There was once in the year where the ‘great awakening’ (or rather, the ‘great rebellion’ or ‘of great discovery’ in retrospect) when a friend in hong kong brought me to attend a private talk held at this activity room in one of the condos in mid-levels Wan Chai, on the Island. It was an evening talk. 

So the guy was talking about a special method on HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Here’s from my notes:

  1. Find the person who needs/ wants a similar thing that you want.
  2. Meditate to plan How you are going to help them –> This PLANTS THE SEED. We plant 65 new seeds per second anyways. Might as well choose them well. With every breath that you take, think about who you are going to help take away the problem.
  3. Take the action to help the person –> TEACH THEM TO PLANT THE SEED.
  4. Relax and meditate on all the good things you did today. It is called THE COFFEE AND COUCH MEDITATION. It is about being happy about the good things you did today.

Also I found this to be important so I wrote them down:

There are 3 kinds of people whom if you help gets you faster to your purpose.

A. Someone who has helped you before. E.g. your parents, teachers, etc.

B. Someone who is having an emergency.

C. Someone who is helping a lot of people. For example, teach a teacher how to plant the seeds.


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