Lost Souls and Archangel Azrael

By Elizabeth Jensen RN

from the Notes of ILH Level One, conducted by Sri in Ara Damansara, Oct 2011. The copyright of the article belongs to EJ the author (www.elisabethjensen.com.au).

Still in our society death is seen as failure – of the medical system, ourselves or whatever is seen as causing death. My dear friend Archangel Azrael is usually called the Angel of Death. I used to be a little scared of him, but not now – he is such a gentle and loving Angel with beautiful white gold energy.

Firstly let me say much of my life has been focused on death and dying – I was an Intensive Care Nurse for many years, then worked in Palliative Care with the dying, then changed roles again and decided life as a Psychic Medium and spiritual healer was really my calling.

My concern is in this society we do not see the need for any preparation for death – we focus all our efforts in hospitals on saving the dying from death and force those who have not made advanced plans to endure years of agony in a state of limbo rather than letting them die at appropriate time.

If only you could see what I and the Angels see – a paradise really does wait all who make some simple preparations before death. I see death as the next exciting stage in your life – the most exciting and advanced FREE seminar you will ever get to attend really! I see earth as the closest thing to Hell and Death as our reward – our Heaven or Haven from the rigors of Earth School.

For some who die suddenly or are afraid of dying death is not so smooth however. As a nurse I used to see their souls leave the body and hover above the bed and look back in shock – how could they see their body back there? They ignored the waiting Angels and after a while would try to fit back into their body but couldn’t.

With gentle reassurance, I used to speak to these souls and tell them to go to the Light – to follow the Light and the Angels who would appear – and they always did – then off they would go in a flurry of White Light and Love. Such a joyful thing to see and so easy to do! Without this simple guidance the Soul could get lost and wander the hospital hallways with many others – not a pretty sight!


Michael has a warm fiery energy, Azrael is cold and of very high fine vibration. Call on them both when in doubt your loved one has made it safely to the Light and they work together to ensure it does happen. Visualise these two Angels around whenever you are in a hospital or nursing home – it gives them added energy and power to do their work and helps to awaken any Lost or Confused Souls there.

In the case of fear of death or sudden violent death – especially if drugs and alcohol are involved – the soul leaves the body and can wander in a confused state for hundreds of years before realizing it. Often called ghosts they are different, but they do have an energy that is often uncomfortable to be with. Often those new to meditation and spiritual work will attract such confused souls and lost souls and feel they aren’t using enough protection!

This isn’t the case – as Lightworkers you have a responsibility to anybody who comes to you in this manner – to ensure the Angels or family in spirit e to take them to the Light. It’s a fairly easy process to show them the way to the Light plus it is important to do so. I have seen people quite confused by a lost soul around them or if the earthbound spirit was still anxious re earthly matters sense this strange energy and feel anxious themselves! In the case where the lost soul had e.g. alcohol problems they then gravitate to somebody who is drinking regularly so at least they feel a sense of familiarity there – but nightmares and more addiction can then occur for those unaware of their presence.


Dear Ones, I only come at your bidding or at the request of loved ones. Otherwise I stand in the background to observe the soul who is ready for the Joys of Heaven. We Angels can’t intervene in your free will. Therefore you must ask for us and put your requests to us – that we will be there at your death to lead you to your home in the heavens or that we do this for another.

See it’s simple and please understand that heaven really is a Paradise – no pain, no bills to pay, just endless soft White Light in the company of Angels and all the relatives in spirit that you choose to meet there.

Do not delay your departure from this earth plane other than to set your life in order before you go. We will advise you in advance of your departure if you are open to us – we will give you dreams and send loved ones in spirit to you!

At death a flash of light will be given to you all – follow the light and all will be well! Eventually you will be received into heaven and your true home in the Light. And as you experience that bliss you will wonder why you were like a babe in the womb thinking that your existence there was all there ever would be.


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