Lemuria vs Atlantis & Avalon


Keys: Grounding. Send energies to Mother Earth.

  • being at one with nature
  • Avatar, the elves in there
  • Shapeshifter, adapt very well
  • thinks humans are complicated
  • usually gullible, innocent
  • simple, comfortable clothings
  • connect well with the four elements
  • focus is always Earth & Sky; Father & Mother; Yin & Yang
  • believes in the Law of One (that everyone is interconnected)
  • use many actual stones (non-translucent stones) & the soil itself
  • Chakra system is simple (root – heart – crown)
  • very strong connection to Earth (root chakra is very strong)
  • Borneo is Lemurian. Indian Ocean mass –> Australia, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Bali
  • Normally have challenges with $. Not fun…
  • Simplicity, openness, sincerity is important

Lemurian :


Atlantean :

Managing & Controlling, Making it happen.

Avalonian :

Order & Structure, Communing, Seeing what needs to be done –> and do it (whether you like it or not)


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