The Animal Number and its meanings

Notes are from : ATLANTIS I : Circle of the Sacred Beasts as taught by Sherwin Ng of the House of Kite in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in Dec 2013.

The Animal Number is based on the date of birth of the person. It is able to outline to the person the main opportunities and challenges throughout this life time. It is your blueprint, something that shapes you, and it stays with you, never changing, for this entire life.

The Animal Number is calculated by adding up all the digits of the person’s birth date (in full e.g. 1993 or 2013) until you get a single digit. Therefore the Animal Number must be a single digit from 1 – 9.

Meanings behind each number:

1 ONE. Lion – Leadership VS Pride

The number 1 is the ultimate Yang number and is governed by the Sun. It represents the Male (Father) aspect, the most masculine of all numbers. The number 1 carries leadership qualities, originality, and charisma. It is strong, ambitious, independent and determined, very often forceful. However, on the negative extreme, it is self-centred, aggressive, stubborn, impatient, and arrogant.

2 TWO. Bear – Nurture VS Sacrifice

The number 2 is the ultimate Yin number and is governed by the Moon. It represents the Female (Mother) aspect, the most feminine of all numbers. The number 2 is often underestimated, because of its peace-loving, harmonious nature. It is gentle, considerate, sensitive, and diplomatic. But in its negative state, the number 2 can become overly-dependent, manipulative, and passive-aggressive.

3 THREE. Fox – Creation VS Denial

The number 3 is like a child – creative, sociable, outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, and very expressive. It is fun, very energetic and open to new things. On the not-so-good side of things, the number 3 can become too carefree, superficial, extravagant, and sometimes scattered. It is governed by Jupiter.

4 FOUR. Elephant – Structure VS Control

The number 4 is all about practicality. It is trustworthy, helpful, logical, and yet detailed. It is masculine, strong and stable, problem-solving, disciplined, patient and loyal. The number 4 is usually dependable, productive and punctual. However, negatively expressed, it is stubborn, narrow-minded and sometimes too focused on the conventional and control, hence boring. It is governed by Uranus.

5 FIVE. Eagle – Reformation VS Chaos

The number 5 is very adaptable. It has all the soft skills that will enable them to perform in most situations – adventurous, curious, versatile, witty, courageous, resourceful, flexible, and sociable. Number 5 is a quick thinker, therefore good at dealing in most worldly matters. However, a negative number 5 is irresponsible, noncommittal, unstable, self-indulgent, and even chaotic. It is governed by Mercury.

6 SIX. Horse – Service VS Vanity

The number 6 is very loving, stable, and harmonious. It is compassionate, with unconditional love, trustworthy, family-loving, domesticated, and selfless, often to the point of self-sacrificing. It is also loyal, protective and sympathetic, making them ideal healers or teachers. On the flip side, number 6 is superficial, jealous, possessive, and unwilling to change. Their over-protectiveness may cause them to become anxious, worrisome, suspicious, paranoid, cynical, and emotionally unstable. It is governed by Venus.

7 SEVEN. Kingfisher – Intuition VS Illusion

The number 7 is very spiritual. Often a deep thinker that displays inner wisdom, not very attached to material things. Normally intelligent, analytical, unusual, intuitive, introspective, studious, knowledgeable, serious, refined, and gracious, sometimes even psychic. In negative state, number 7 can become hard to reach because of its aloofness, socially awkward behaviour. Number 7 leaves too much to chance, and may become distant, cowardly, sarcastic, melancholy, and in worst cases, back-stabbers. It is governed by Neptune.

8 EIGHT. Wolf – Abundance VS Obsession

The number 8 is strong, successful, authoritative, ambitious, efficient, organised, success-driven, goal-oriented, realistic and powerful, materially detached, disciplined, in-control, capable, street-smart, a good judge of character, and therefore is great at managing people and businesses. However, if not balanced, number 8 becomes tense, forceful, materialistic, intolerant, and on the personal level, cruel, violent, insensitive, bullish, and greedy. It is governed by Saturn.

9 NINE. Gorilla – Higher Purpose VS Isolation

The number 9 is helpful, compassionate, sophisticated, sympathetic, charitable, generous, a humanitarian, emotional, self-sufficient, tolerant, determined, and self-sacrificing,  but somewhat impractical and proud. If triggered, number 9 can become volcanic. In negative state, it is reckless, financially careless, moody and overly emotional, self-pitying, fickle, sullen, restless, discontent, and can even end up being egocentric and arrogant, resorting to bullying tactics. It is governed by Mars.



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