The Tree of Life & Our Animal Guides

Notes from the course ATLANTIS I: Circle of the Sacred Beasts taught by Sherwin Ng of House of Kite in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur Dec 2013.

Spiritual Biology of the Tree of Life

All human life is connected to the Tree of Life. We can see the Tree of Life, which resides in the central womb of the Earth, as a giant battery for physical incarnations that helps sustain the wellbeing of the flesh body. Indeed, all life forms sprang subsequently from the Tree of Life itself, starting from the flora life forms – leaves, grass, flowers, more trees and plants – followed by the Messengers, the insect life-form which are direct extensions of the vibration of Mother Earth.

When all the blueprints and birthing of the mammals were complete, the Garden of Eden finally gave birth to the first humans…

Reconnection as Essential to Healing

The energy body of humans is connected always to Mother Earth (or, the Tree of Life), and this connection is marked by an energy link from our own womb to the womb of the Earth. But rather than being a literal bridge of energy, this connection manifests itself as our personal Animal Guide. In fact, they prefer to be referred to as “Sacred Beast”, as they embody the most primal and pure instinctual force between Nature and human.

So it is said that, the moment you reconnect with your most personal Sacred Beast Guide, your physical body starts remembering how to heal, in the most natural cellular way possible.

On the other hand, when one is disconnected from their Sacred Beast, complete healing becomes extremely difficult and oftentimes you find that symptoms keep coming back. This is common for addictions and possessions, and I have also noticed this for those who have experienced cancer, and the cancer comes back after all the treatment – their Guide is missing, or have been missing for some years due to certain traumatic experiences or emotional challenges. And so as a Healer for the Tree of Life, we search and call back the Scared (Sacred) Beasts belonging to that person, have them reconnected energetically, safely installed into their energy field – and then witness as the body starts taking care of its own healing. The body starts to respond more positively to treatment, medication and meditation, and energy healing as well.

Emissaries of the Earth Mother

Having once more established a powerful connection to Earth herself via the Guides, you are now ready to co-create with the Universal Forces the highest reality possible for you! The more you meditate and draw-in the teachings and healing force of the Earth (via your Sacred Beast Guides) the stronger your energy body becomes, and the greater your manifestations become.

Very easily we can call upon our Guide to become protectors as well as teachers in every aspect of our life – after all, we are ourselves spiritual beings experiencing a human incarnation.

As you advance in your journey as a Healer for the Tree of Life, an Earth Keeper, you will be able to connect with more Sacred Beasts, to embody different frequencies for deeper specialised healing, soul retrieval, and purification rites. For example, for the purpose of soul retrieval, we observe the alchemical connection of Eagle-Wolf-Jaguar to facilitate this process. The Healer needs to also establish a personal energy anchor, such as the Bear or Elephant, to serve as a container in this alchemical process.

Whether or not we choose to undertake the path of the Earth Healer actively, by merely allowing ourselves to honour our physical body and our energetic connections to the Earth Mother, opens us to so many miracles and possibilities and joy in our everyday life. The ground that we walk on is not merely ground, but the loving body of the First Mother, and the dragonflies and bees are her messengers to remind us that everything is in order and in divine peace.

The Five Families of Sacred Beasts

These are the five representations as presented forth by the Tree of Life. We call them Families, but in reality we see them as collections of Soul energies that are connected to Mother Earth. We see these as energetic extensions from the entire Matrix of the World that is made up of webs of lines and light, intercrossing of Ley-lines. Your Animal Guide acts as a conduit or channel that connects you back to the Tree of Life which sits in the center womb of Mother Earth. We see this as one of the roots or branches from the Tree of Life, stretching out all the way from the Center of the Earth into your hara. To first access the Animal Guides, we step through the portal which is the Tree of Life. The Rite which will enable this reconnection and reawakening of your dormant Animal Essence is called the Rite of Remembering.

[Misc notes: If your guide is white, it is undergoing changes/ hibernating. If it is black, it is hiding – protecting, grounding]

Now we present to you the Five Families of the Animal Guides as emissaries of Mother Earth:

Family One: The Canines

The closest Stewards of Earth, the Canines, bring forth the Element of Earth to the surface of the world. They bring to you protection, balance, and long forgotten wisdom. They guard as fiercely as they love. The Wolf is the totem of this family. The Moon activates the Soul of those belonging to this family. In the Tree of Life, they govern the Roots.

We present to you the Wolf, the Dog, the Jackal, the Bear, and the Fox. The colours connected to this family are Black, Grey, Silver, the colour of Soil, Deep Purple, and the colour of life, Green.

The Wolf : governs 3 Chakras – 3rd-Eye, Root, and Earth Star (1 above, 2 below). It is known also as the Guide of the Guides. They are shape-shifters and can move through different planes. The Wolf is the serious one. Protectors, teachers.

The Dog – is about loyalty and unconditional love.

The Fox – is the female leader of this family. Very creative, mental freedom, ideas, illusions, very notti.

Jackal – People to do very hands on dirty work. For example, butchers, police, security force, assassins.

Bear – Teacher, protectors of specific traditions. Usually very good at attracting money. Same teachings, over and over again. The Hierophant in the Tarot.

Their LESSONS & TESTS: It is always about tribe, family, community, service.

The Canine family if they appear during HEALING, is good for extraction (if you want to pull out something). Bone related issues.

The people whose Guides are the Canines are usually felt by others to be aloof, cool, non-nonsense. They are very connected to reality, more practical and action oriented.

Family Two: The Felines

We present to you the Felines as Neutralisers of the Earth Matrix. They are carefree, wild natured, teaches you the power of the physical body, sensuality, sexuality, and all forms of healing onto the physical body. Where the Canines govern the Bones, the Felines govern the Flesh.

Those who are chosen by the Feline Guides are often Healers and Neutralisers of physical ailments and disorders. In the Tree of Life, the Felines govern the Lower Bark.

We present to you the Cat, the Lion and Lioness, the Tiger. The totem of this family is the Jaguar. Meow.

The Felines govern the 3 lower Chakras in the energy body – Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Therefore people with Felines as Animal Guides are more in touch with physical things, including their physical body. Also, they are more sensual and sexual than they would like to admit. As Felines are neutralisers, they usually stay at places where energy is off-balance, and then move on to the next space after their “work” there is done. That’s why Cats come and go all the time.

Jaguar : Leader of the family. You can call in the Jaguar to bring in healing. The Goddess aspect. Represents healing in the Aztec traditions.

Lion : Very good at attracting. Master manifestos. Normally businesspeople will listen to you.

Black Panther : Cleans up toxic energy. The hardcore healers have this guide. The underworld guide.

Their LESSONS & TESTS: Personal power & mastering your emotions.

The people connected to the Felines are natural healers : their hands are very hot. They are usually physically attractive, and connect well with people.

Family Three: The Equines

The Equines were the last to spring from the Tree of Life. This is because they kept the finest, most translucent vibration of all. In fact the earlier Equine Masters, such as the Unicorn, Pegasus and Capricorn found it difficult to maintain existence in the harsh Matrix of the Earth Plane. They are the Keepers of the Heart vibration, unconditional love, and the wisdom and purity of light itself. For the Equine family, no burden is too much to bear, often at the cost of their very existence and life. Those chosen to carry on the work of the Equines are transmuters of lower energies and dissolvers of fear.

In the Tree of Life, the Equinine energy resides within the Crystalline Heart Core. The totem of this family is the Horse, and is followed by the Deer, the Goat, and the Cow.

The Equines govern the Heart Chakra. Very often, you’ll find someone with an Equine Guide being drained, sacrificing for the sake of others. Their main challenge is to balance the giving and taking, but due to the core of the Equines being unconditional love, they tend to give away more than they should.

The Deer :is about leadership, like the Stag. They lead people into unconditional love.

The Goat, Mountain Goat to be precise, is the builder. Its cylinder-like energy body holds the vibration for manifestations. Master builders. Very connected to Earth and Heart.

The Cow : is about abundance, giving unconditionally. You will never be lacking. Whatever you want, people will just give it to you.

The Zebra: is about balancing, at the heart.

The Horse: Just be there.

Their LESSONS & TESTS: Be careful of the belief that “I need to suffer”, in order to be in this vibration.

Family Four: The Avian

Sitting at the furthest of Branches on the Tree of Life, the Avian Guides are the Keepers of information, new technology and wisdom. In essence, they remind you to open yourself up to the highest vibrations of the Earth Matrix, and we call this simply as the stream of universal consciousness. It is as if being immersed in a flowing stream, only this stream is made up of air and information. Those who are accustomed to listening to angelic whispers are children of the Avian.

The children of the Avian find it difficult to stay grounded or to emotionalise feelings, having lived so many lifetimes on the highest edges of life. So often, they turn cold, holding the brilliance of their minds like prized possessions available only to the elite few.

The Earth Mother presents to you the Crane, the Raven, the Wren, the Kingfisher, the Swan – and the Eagle as totem of this family.

The Avian govern the upper Chakras in the energy body – Crown, 3rd Eye, and Throat. Therefore, in general, children of the Avian are more intellectual and rely on logic and knowledge, rather than intuition and feelings. Information, to them, is worth gold.

The Wren is the Whisper of God, closely connected to Archangel Gabriel, and often speaks directly into the ears of those who are psychic or clairvoyant. Usually GOD related information, big perspective news. The Druids love them. It represents the Divine Spirit.

the Raven reveals magickal information that is secret, hidden. The Raven is also a powerful energy anchor for all forms of sorcery. Guides to fantastic Tarot readers. The Raven energy often inspires a sense of fear to those around it, and as such, it is often misunderstood to be the messenger of death itself. But we see them merely as reminders to heal the shadow aspects and the wounded self.

The Kingfisher lives between air and water. This Guide looks into past lives and helps find different ways of healing these old karmic memories, often connected to higher enlightened beings, such as the Bodhisattvas. The Kingfisher normally reside in the 3rd eye, whereas most of the other Avian Guides reside near the throat.

The Eagle – Spiritual enlightenment, hardcore Buddhists, very strict, leaders.

the Atlantean healers will have Aquatic birds as their guides: intellectually strong, and emotionally connected.

Their LESSONS & TESTS: Superiority complex, because they are very smart.

Family Five: The Messengers

In the Tree of Life, the Messengers are the leaves and flowers. They do not belong to anyone, nor do they serve as Guides or Guardians to specific Souls incarnated on the Earth Plane. Instead, they are free flowing agents that act directly as Messengers of Mother Earth, that is to say, if the Earth Mother has something to tell you, her Messengers will draw the Omens.

We present to you the Dragonfly, the Bee, the Wasp, the Rate, the Spider, and the Snake. There is no totem to this family, as they resonate directly to the Core of the Tree of Life.

The Messengers do not govern any part of the energy body, they merely react to the state of energy you carry with you. For example, the Wasp only makes an appearance in spaces where emotions of anger is present, meaning you only attract Wasps when you are angry.

Other Guides

Of course, there are other less forward Guides such as the Marine family (which the Lemurians worked very well with) and the Simian Guides. However, they normally do not serve as direct Guides to specific Souls, but function more as mentors and teachers for humanity. The last Soul chosen by the Simian Guides to serve was the Lord Yeshua. The Lord Gautama was guided by the elusive Elephant Master. At this point in time, we wish to tell you that while mythical beasts do exist, dormant in different dimensions, they do not serve as Guides on the Earth Plane.


Services offered:
Tree of Life Guided Meditation :- facilitates connection to the healing vibrations of the Tree of Life, and to seek counsel from one's personal Sacred Beast.


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