Piece of a Durian Farm as your legacy

I had the opportunity to pitch the last of the buy-1-free-1 columbarium niches in NCKL to a good friend’s aunt. Pitch, I said, because in the end she decided to forgo the offer. The campaign had been running for a good 7 months, since after Ching Ming this year. It was just timing that we caught the tail end of it and she was made to feel as if she was being rushed into such a big decision with only 24 hours notice.

Anyways. On my side because of the unclosed deal, plus an opportunity for learning in how to better manage the pressures of closing from the super motivated upline, there was a lot of integration, and debris to clear. We needed to make space for the next wave of incentives that were coming in 1st November. In that afternoon I spent quiet time at the office, wallowing in the sense of failure for a while. After that I decided that I needed to shake it off, lest it poison my other opportunities that are on their way. First I sat through the first half of Tom Kenyon’s Chakra Clearing pieces.

74620836_10157206076518791_3491249816791416832_oAfter that I danced to  “Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You” – a guided Qoya track. It felt good! And a funny indication of what was going right – someone called in for a reading towards the end of it… a customer who lives just upstairs and has walked past the shop many times and was needing some guided messages that day. In a divinely perfect way, as I listened to the words that came out of my mouth for her, I did feel that it was helping me at the same time. Regain my confidence, regain self assurance that all is well, and all is as it should be.

And so it came to be that the very night itself it was announced in a big way by the company that the next wave of incentives for the “properties” was to be in the form of a stake in Durian Garden. A brand new initiative to participate in an organised durian farming and export business from the perspective of an investor.

The next days and weeks will be a flurry of briefings to explain more about the qualifying criteria, which include the length of instalments period. I’ll get to sit in a session conducted by my favourite trainer again! 😀











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