For women and men who need direction & help to transform their lives, Fang Yi is their Inspirational Guide, Mentor & Analyst.

Inspirational Guide, Mentor & Analyst who provides emotional, psychic and practical insight and advice into an individual’s life, setbacks and problems. And she provides such support through expertise in:

  • Angel Miracles psychic counselling
  • Auset past life soul healing
  • Auset sleep temple therapy with aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Hypnotherapy for the resolution of internal conflicts, doubts, fears and uncertainties

Fengshui Analyst for Homes & Businesses to balance and correct the flow of Environment Qi to overcome setbacks and harvest good fortune.

Bazi Analyst for Individual Self Awareness to explore one’s true birthright potential, manage inadequacies and overcome obstacles in the pursuit of health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.


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